Thursday, December 14, 2006

taking some profits

Taking some profits today on a nice up day. I closed out the last part of my options position in Exxon Mobil (XOM) with a nice gain. I was a bit of a hog with this trade; things got a little out of control last week. I bought more XOM on the dips and today I exited with a healthy gain. The right play would have been to take a bit off the table at the 52-week highs.

I've also closed out a bit of Research in Motion (RIMM). Not the entire position. I felt I was too exposed to tech here and the Q4 tech rally seems to be losing steam.

In other bad news, my Boston Scientific (BSX) play didn't materialize at all and I'm completely underwater in those options.

And GS didn't move at all on blowout numbers. It is basically pinned at $200 for options expiration week. I think it should rally to year end and be comfortably in the $220s shortly. As I wrote in my analysis earlier I think this could be a $240 stock.

The highlight of my portfolio at the moment is a hugely successful position in Apple Computer (AAPL) ahead of Macworld. I'm staying long this one until Jan 5 when the stock should be trading in the triple digits!

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