Thursday, December 21, 2006

dead wrong!

If you thought I was not posting because I jumped off the balcony after this week, you would be very close to right. Disastrous action this week:

* AAPL fell off a cliff. Broke through $85 on the downside, holding now around $83. I backed up the truck and bought more on anticipation of a great quarter and a blowout set of announcements. It should be all good news from here - a calm restatement around the options stuff, talk of Christmas iPod sales, MacWorld buzz and finally earnings announcement on Jan 17. We should run from here. I am calling a bottom.

* ORCL. Disappointing quarter, and I went long. I still like the risk/reward on the trade but it didn't work out.

* RIMM. Didn't get the risk/reward I was looking for (call options were very pricey), so I sat this one out. And of course it moves higher!

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