Thursday, December 14, 2006

New ways to play a Santa Claus rally

I've been doing some research today on some new ways to play a Santa Claus rally. After freeing up some capital today I have some buying power to deploy. Here are some ideas:

* JNJ. I have been looking at rotating into healthcare at the end of this big tech push towards Christmas. JNJ looks like it is breaking out here and I see nothing but upside. I may pull the trigger on a small part of my position tomorrow.

* AAPL. I am still hugely bullish on AAPL, even with the strange (options-related?) trading activity today. Everybody was up, but Apple was down. Maybe profit taking on the big move yesterday. But since AAPL is way above the $85 strike, I think bulls will try to push this stock above $90 in tomorrow's session. If it doesn't happen I've got plenty of buying power to step in on the dips (unlike last time).

* LOW. Lowe's is a great way to play housing weakness. Low interest rates mean cheap equity loans for remodeling. Low housing prices mean people will be sticking around and getting a new kitchen rather than selling their houses for new construction.

That's it for now. I still like Mastercard on any weakness, and I think GS is going to do really well as the bulls start to pile in over the next few sessions after options expiration tomorrow.

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