Wednesday, October 11, 2006

well that sucked

Ouch, not a good start to earnings season! DNA reports solid earnings but still eases two percent this morning. Infosys reports a solid quarter and only trades up a small amount. Incidentally my call options strategy for INFY showed some bizarre results... even though the stock was up, it traded solidly down as expected volatility got eliminated.

Fundamentally, I'm not liking the tone of the markets here. I think its time to get solidly into safe haven plays like financials and stocks levered to cheap oil. I'm going to continue to move into homebuilders.

Note that I closed out my GOOG position today, since I am worried about what the market's reaction to earnings next week will be. I also think there will be some underlying jitters about the YouTube deal. For now, I'm staying on the sidelines hoping GOOG will rechallenge its $380-390 support levels before hitting new highs before the end of the year. If there is any sign of flagging growth in the online advertising market for Q3, I think the stock will take a massive beating.

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