Thursday, January 04, 2007

AAPL exit plan

Apple is looking great so far into Macworld. Today we are holding $85 nicely. If we stay here, we could see a run to the close and gap up tomorrow getting close to resistance at $90. I am looking to unwind the bulk of my speculative position in Jan 85s by the EOD Monday, so I'm selling into strength whenever possible. I'll sell aggressively anywhere above $90.

I have been doing a lot of research into Apple's iTV and iPhone product announcements for Macworld next week. I think they are both game changers. Personally, I would buy both as soon as I could get my hands on them (although it might be tough to give up the Blackberry). With that in mind, I am going to leave some of my more speculative Jan 95s on the table through Jobs' keynote and sell into any strength that comes out of the announcements.

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