Tuesday, January 09, 2007

AAPL does not disappoint!

My call yesterday was pretty dead on for AAPL! The phone came out, and we got our $8 upside move. I closed everything out late in the day for a big score. Not as big as if I had left my entire position on the table. But if there was no phone it would have been game over for the Rhombus Team. That would be undisciplined. Overall, it was a great trade!

Oddly enough now that I'm cashed out I feel a little strange, like there is something missing from my life.

Going forward, I like AAPL ahead of Q4 earnings on the 17th. Between now and then, AAPL will probably come in and retest some lows. The phone is a massive leap forward for technology and it is a ridiculously amazing product. But, in actuality, it will barely move the company's earnings for 07. And there are all sorts of issues with adoption - Cingular only, super-high price point, etc. I think it will blow any estimates away, but between here and June there may be uncertainty and panic about whether a $500 phone can actually sell.

Those panicky times will be buying opportunities.

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