Friday, September 01, 2006

Back and better than ever

Well today I hit the practice range for the first time since my trip back east a couple of weeks ago. My new favorite play to hit balls is up at Angeles National golf club in Sunland, California. Its tucked away up in the foothills about 30 mins away. The reason to go is that you can actually hit off of the grass there. Thanks to Jeff at Firefly for the recommendation.

In any case I was hitting strong and accurate with everything. My nine iron was a nice consistent 120 long and dead straight. Some problems with the driver and I still can't hit a consistently decent shot with the hybrid Titleist. My seven was easily going 150 which I'm happy with (given I'm hitting ancient pings, too).

Also starting to experiment with fades and draws with my sand wedge. Fades working nicely but the draws are a little harder!

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