Saturday, April 15, 2006

Right thumb

Good day at the range today despite a somewhat rough start. I slotted back into the usual pattern of letting my hands lead the downswing. I also picked up a strange right hand grip on the club in which my right thumb would wrap completely around like holding a knife.

I managed to discover and fix both of these problems halfway through the session. A proper right hand grip and a full commitment to the downstroke with the hips was producing nice mostly straight shots.

I'm still having trouble with the angle of the club face on impact. My fade has nearly disappeared but still comes out ever so rarely. However I'm still hitting shots far too high. This is costing me significant distance and makes me vulnerable to wind and other obstacles. Next time I'll work on supinating the left wrist to get proper loft.

Distances: 80 wedge, 100 nine, 120 seven and 156 five. Lots of room to improve there!

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